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1. What is the FyreTV 7-Day FREE Trial and how does this offer work?
Once you complete your free account registration, you can begin your FREE 7-Day Trial of one of our Premium Studio Channels at Select one Premium Studio Channel from seven of our top channels upon registration and enjoy seven days of unlimited viewing of all catalog content from that studio. Choose from studios like Evil Angel Video, Vivid, Wicked Pictures, Pink Visual and many more! If you don’t select your trial Premium Studio Channel upon registration, you will still have access to it through your membership confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the registered e-mail account. You have 72 hours to activate your free trial after your account registration.
Please be aware that if you do not cancel your subscription prior to the end of your trial period, you authorize us to charge your payment method the applicable monthly subscription fee for the unlimited viewing studio package you selected, plus tax, until cancelled. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.
NOTE: The FREE 7-Day Trial only applies to the Premium Studio Channel selected and may be viewed through any platform via the My Library tab. Wealth & Deception will also be available to view in your library. Any films selected in which a pop up appears asking you to confirm charges, etc are not included in your trial offer and that amount will be applied to the credit card associated with the account if you choose to view it.

The 7-Day trial gives you 10 minutes of pay per minute credit to use for 7 days. Your minutes can only be used on Catalog movies. They will NOT work on New Releases.

To use your minutes, select any catalog movie. You will see a play icon on each scene. Click on the play icon. A list of payment options will appear. You should select the pay per minute option.

2. How do I use my free minutes?

When you sign up for the free trial, you get 10 free minutes to use on various devices. You can only use them on catalog content. They will NOT work on New Releases.

Web : Select a catalog movie. Click on the play icon. Select the 'watch with minutes' option. 

Android tablet or phone : You will need Chrome installed. No other browser will support pay per minute. Select a catalog movie, click on the play icon and select watch with minutes.

Roku : Select a catalog movie. Click on the play icon. Select the 'watch with minutes' option.

Boxee : Select a catalog movie. Click on the play icon. Select the 'watch with minutes' option.

If you are presented with a buy button and not a watch with minutes option, then you must have selected a New Release.

If you cannot play, please check your usage tab under 'My Account'. Your minutes may have been used.

3. What is FyreTV?

FyreTV is the Ultimate Adult Video Experience! Join FREE and instantly stream over 15,000 of the hottest XXX movies right to your computer, TV, compatible Smartphone and tablet. Our library consists of the hottest new releases and timeless classics produced from over 100 of the top studios in the industry featuring all your favorite stars. With more movies, stars, studios, and ways to watch than any other adult provider, FyreTV is sure to bring the heat!

4. What kind of movies does FyreTV have?

The best kind of movies; the adult kind! FyreTV brings you a library of over 15,000 XXX movies from over 100 studios. Each movie is broken down by scene so you have over 75,000 ways to watch the hottest in adult entertainment. We add more movies every day, from the hottest new releases to classics from the 70s and everything in between. Our movies are provided by over 100 of the best known studios in the industry like Evil AngelVividWickedElegant AngelAdam & EveMarc DorcelPrivate, and many more.

5. How often do we upload new content?

As the Ultimate Adult Video Experience, we are committed to bringing you the most up to date content and a broad range of content to suit any taste or any mood. We are constantly adding new content from our studio partners. We strive to maintain a consistent number of titles each week. On average, you can see 30 new titles each week added to our library consisting of both new releases and catalog content.

6. Once my 7-Day FREE Trial is over, how much does it cost?

Joining FyreTV is completely free and there are no minimum purchases or monthly subscription fees required. Once you sign up, you enjoy a total of 10 minutes of pay per minute content for seven days. If you don't purchase anything inside that period, your minutes will expire. If you purchase anything, you keep your minutes.

Once the 7 days is up, you will receive our exclusive feature film Wealth & Deception free in your library to watch as much as you want, on whatever platform you want, forever.

Additional movies can be viewed in 4 different ways; you choose which works best for you. You are not required to choose one way or the other, mix and match how you see fit so you can always have access to the hottest XXX movie collection on the planet.

•  Premium Studio Channels: Watch all you want from one studio all month long from as little as $5/month. Once you subscribe to any one of our Premium Studio Channels, you agree to have the monthly subscription price to renew automatically until cancelled by you in the Subscription section under My Account at
•  Video-on-Demand: Purchase an entire movie to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $4.95
•  Scene-on-Demand: Purchase a scene to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $1.25
•  Pay-Per-Minute: Use minutes to watch all non-new release for as little as $.09 per minute

•  Premium Studio Channels: Watch all you want from one studio all month long from as little as $5/month. Once you subscribe to any one of our Premium Studio Channels, you agree to have the monthly subscription price to renew automatically until cancelled by you in the Subscription section under My Account at

•  Video-on-Demand: Purchase an entire movie to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $4.95

•  Scene-on-Demand: Purchase a scene to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $1.25

•  Pay-Per-Minute: Use minutes to watch all non-new release for as little as $.09 per minute

7. What are Premium Studio Channels?

Every FyreTV membership includes access to our Premium Studio Channels. Choose from over 40 top studios and enjoy unlimited access to your selected studio’s catalog content for an entire month for as low as $5/month. That’s right, UNLIMITED! Earn even more savings when you subscribe to a channel for 6 or 12 months. That’s all the porn you can handle and more for a saving of up to 70%. Choose from well-known studios like Evil AngelWicked PicturesElegant AngelAdam & EveZero ToleranceDevil's FilmsSunlust Pictures,  to name a few. Browse the selection of Premium Studio Channels and take advantage of one of FyreTV’s best values!

Please note : Studio channels DO NOT contain New Releases. However, New Releases usually become catalog content after 2 or 3 months.

8. Can I rent DVDs by mail or download movies onto my computer?

No you cannot : FyreTV only offers users the option to stream content over the Internet, and membership includes instant access to our entire library of movies. There is no need to wait for DVDs in the mail, or long waits for films to download to your computer, taking up bandwidth and time or only being able to watch 2 or 3 movies. With FyreTV, it’s all of our movies all the time.

9. What is My Library and how does it work?

Since FyreTV streams content via your home network, all movies and/or scenes purchased are kept safely for you in our FyreTV Cloud. You can access all your purchases by clicking the My Library, tab once you are logged into your account. Your purchases are there for you to view from any place at any time as long as you have access to an internet connection. Premium Studio Channels will only be visible in your library as long you maintain the subscription, which automatically renews monthly until you cancel that channel. Any amount content that is purchased with minutes will not be accessible via My Library.

10. How do I watch movies on my TV?

The best way to truly experience FyreTV is by streaming our collection of adult films to your television. Doing this is simple with streaming devices such as FyreTV box, Roku, Google TV, Boxee box or Apple TV. Just make sure your device of choice is correctly connected to your TV and home network.

•  Roku owners: you’ll need to install the FyreTV private channel. See our Roku Installation Guide for instructions.

•  Google TV owners: you’ll need to install the FyreTV application. See our Google TV Page for instructions.

•  Apple TV owners: you’ll need to utilize AirPlay to stream from your phone to your TV. See our AppleTV Setup Guide for instructions.

•  Boxee owners: you’ll need to install the FyreTV app. See our Boxee Installation Guide, for instructions.

 We are always adding new ways to get FyreTV on your TV so check out the On TV page for the latest supported TV devices and instructions on how to get FyreTV activated on your device.

11. What is the Fyre BoXXX and do I need one?

The Fyre BoXXX is our one of a kind set top box that allows you to stream our entire porn library directly to your television set using your home internet connection. The Fyre BoXXX includes a custom remote ergonomically designed specifically to make the FyreTV viewing experience simple and pleasing (and both HDMI and composite cables are included so set up is quick and easy). 

A Fyre BoXXX is not required to join or to stream our library of movies on your computer or other connected device, but it is one way to watch FyreTV on your TV.

12. How do I watch FyreTV on my phone or tablet?

There’s no need to install any apps on your Smartphones or Tablets, just use your mobile device’s browser to go to and you’ll be able to stream XXX movies on the go. Create a bookmark for quick and easy one touch access. For the best viewing quality on mobile devices, set your browser to display mobile website versions. Currently FyreTV is compatible on Android phones and tablets using the default Android browser 2.3 or higher.

We recommend the Google Chrome browser (You will need Android 4.0). Pay per minute will only work on Chrome.

Android Smart TV’s are not compatible at all.

13. How fast an Internet connection do I need?

We recommend a minimum Internet connection for a high quality viewing experience on the computer, phone, tablet, TV or any one of the streaming set top boxes (Fyre BoXXX, Roku or Boxee) of 1.5Mbps. If you are unsure of your speeds, try

14. What is my PIN used for?

FyreTV takes both your privacy and security very seriously. When you join a 6-digit PIN will be automatically generated to prevent unauthorized viewing and usage on various FyreTV enabled devices (e.g. Roku, Boxee Box, Google TV device). This PIN will also be sent to you in your initial Welcome email. You can change it via the devices page (you may not be able to view this if you're using an Android phone or an Iphone). The PIN is used to validate your FyreTV account with your connected device. If you have FyreTV on your TV through the Fyre BoXXX or other supported TV devices, guests will not even get an indication of the kind of content available until the PIN is entered. Your FyreTV login information is not the same as the PIN. To log in to your account you will still need to use the e-mail address and password used to create the account.

15. How do I contact FyreTV?

Feel free to send us an e-mail directly through the contact page utilizing the entry form or via Alternatively, you can also contact us via Live Chat on this site which is available during regular hours of operation. We strive to ensure that your issue is resolved by our team within 3 business days. Please note that our staff work regular business hours so if you have an issue out of hours or at the weekend you may need to wait several hours / days for a response.

Are you a Fyre Fan? You can also link up with FyreTV on a social level! You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and also on the official FyreTV blog. Here you can keep up to date with news, new releases and also special offers and promotions.

16. How do I cancel my membership with FyreTV?

We definitely don’t want to see you go but if you must, simply email our customer service team at You may be asked to give further information for the purposes of your security e.g. the answer to your own security question (if you have one), in order to complete the process.

simply email our customer service team at email our customer service team at
17. How do I stop my package renewing automatically?

Both our Beta site and old site work in the same way:

1. Visit the “My Account” section on
2. Under “Packages”, locate the package and hover over the one you would like to stop renewing
3. Click on Stop Renewal and when you see the pop-up, confirm stop package renewal.

If the upcoming charge is set to $0.00 then you know you've stopped all packages renewing.

Please Note: Since Premium Studio Channels are paid for in advance, every time you purchase a package you will see the package available in your library, until your next billing date, even after you Stop Renewal. After Stop Renewal, the package will not be automatically renewed, and you will not be charged unless you decide to add it again in the future. Contact our customer service team at if you have any questions.