Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonials
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"FyreTV has the largest collection of XXX movies with the best quality content I have ever found! I love the Unlimited Studio Channels, I currently own two of them and the best part is I can watch anywhere I want. My wife and I couldn’t be anymore happier with the selection and service. Purchase a Roku and you can watch any movie anywhere in the house, at any time."
Colin & Evelyn Preston, Customer Since 2011
"I love that the content is on demand and you can watch your private library on any tv. Overall, very satisfied with the service!"
Jason Fielder, Customer Since 2012
"Don’t change a thing! I think it’s a quality product and I enjoy having so much content available for the low monthly price of each studio channel. Keep doing what your doing!"
Timothy Bradley, Customer Since 2012
"More movies than any one person can watch in their lifetime, unless... you start at very young age! New Releases every week and I can watch all my movies on my iPhone and iPad anytime I want. What else can I possibly ask for?"
Carlos Fernandez, Customer Since 2012
"I’ve been with FyreTV for two and half years and it’s the only way to get the content I like on every tv in my home. Love the weekly promotions and updates to the site! I only wish you can give the service as a gift."
Christina Finlly, Customer Since 2010
"I have never been so satisfied with a service before. The Unlimited Studio Channels have to be the best bargain. I have had the Elegant Angel package for months and just renewed for 12 months at a super low price. There are hundreds of movies to choose from and I can watch as much as I want. What more could anyone ask for?"
Mark Hines, Customer Since 2011
"The name says it all. This is the hottest web site around! It has all my favorite stars in one place. Thank you FyreTV!"
Scott Armstrong, Customer Since 2010
"I have been a member of FyreTV since the beginning. I love having m+y Fyre Box connected to my big screen TV and whenever I have an issue, customer service has been helpful in getting it resolved."
Nate Barnes, Customer Since 2008
"Porn…on demand? That’s the only way it should be, and FyreTV does it the best!"
Roger B, Customer Since 2010
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